A quick about me: I’ve been married since 2014. My husband and I met in 2012 at our place of employment. We have 2 daughters, a 5 and 7 year old. My 5 year old(A) is wild and sweet. A handful and helpful. A walking contradiction.Always a surprise whether you want one or not. My 7 year old(N) is sassy and sensitive. An animal lover and stubborn. Our daughters are a mix of my husband and I completely. A little and a lot of both of us.

Because my husband and daughter are such animal lovers we no have 3 dogs a cat 2 rabbit and 6 ducks. Plus we are temporarily housing 6 baby snapping turtles.

At 30 I’m already exhausted. This year my place of employment shut down. I’ve had to start my career all over again. A pandemic has caused my 5 and 7 yr old daughters to be stuck at home to be taught by either me, who is physically exhausted and sleep deprived from working 12 hour nights and then coming home to do their school work, or their grandmother who has no clue on how to use electronic devices so I’m always picking up what she’s not finishing with them.

Oh its so exhausting! Adulthood is hard.

With the pandemic going on I haven’t even gotten out to visit family or friends. That is taking quite a toll on my mental health. I’m ready for some normalcy.


Even with everything going on during my busy life right now there is only one thing I would change and that is spending more time at home without the exhaustion of work. Which means that hubby of mine needs to get one of those high paying jobs so I can sit at home, watch my shows and eat Bon-Bons(what are bon-bons even?)

Nah I love working I just wish I didn’t have to start at the bottom again. In my previous job I was finally at a point in my career where I worked normal days and normal hours. Made decent money and was able to have  life and a career. Now starting over again I will miss out on so much AGAIN trying to get to where I need to be.






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September 7, 2020

Ducks! You have ducks! 😀 😀 😀 Nice! Sounds like a great family life!!!

September 8, 2020

Life is hard. With hard work you’ll find yourself and the right path to take.

take care

Vince uk