rage against the machine.

The loading time for reading notes/entries here is wonky. Took five minutes to open the notification screen when I clicked on it (& I had to refresh it & try again, because it wouldn’t load at all the first time). Tried editing something, had to go through the entire process twice before it would stick. rawr.  It’s not a shock – OD does love to go all in when it decides to jack up, doesn’t it?  (insert eye.rolling here)

Autumn’s right; the atmosphere here feels changed. Not just that t’is new & awkward, but.. mm, what’s a good word? Uncertain. Too much uncertainty. Like the ex that broke your heart, promised to change, & so you came back, although you’re certain is going to break your heart again.

It’s like a slower, less invested version of PB. I do like the tags, reminds me of LJ. But why no single-space option when hitting the enter key (or am I overlooking it? Seriously, clue me in)? Makes poetics difficult.

Now my kid (a teen now!) is reading over my shoulder and mocking my “dramatics”. hahaha. She’s grounded for forever.






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February 4, 2018

I am glad you are back, though, my dear.

February 4, 2018