Selective Mutism

I’ve had this my whole life, along with generalized anxiety and generalized social anxiety. Even though I’m a grown-assed adult, I still have symptoms (it’s much better than earlier though) and decided to write about what spending life with it has been like (though anxiety disorders manifest differently in everyone of course).

I’ve been too paranoid to write on here, but now that I see a delete option, maybe it’ll be okay 🙂 If anyone wants to chat a little, hit me up, especially any other women/femmes. I’ve only had one other woman friend as an adult because I’ve always just tended to meet guys online.

Might delete later. See ya.

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May 10, 2020

Anxiety anagram I Tax Yen

To yen is to desire and if anagrams are what they are then being in a state of desire has a price and the price is a tax and the tax is the penalty and the penalty is anxiety and anxiety is the price of desire.

The question then becomes, what is it that the anxious person so strongly desires?