February 27th – 28th, 2021

A bit of an exercise in contrasts here.


We’ll start with Saturday.

Our third evening barkeep called in yet again. Me and the other regular night ‘tender had a discussion at one point about how he’s still managing to be  employed. His attendance points have gotta be skirting the line pretty hard. We’re both of the opinion that we hope he gets his collective shit together because we really don’t wanto to have to train a new person.

At any rate – due to his call in, rather than working the lounge, I was down at the service bar for the evening.

It was busy-ish, so the time passed quickly enough, and I was able to get my scheduled pile of homework done without over much hassle.


Sunday night, by comparison? It was so slow, it could have been a blizzard on a Monday, for real.  I got about half of a large crossword banged out. Guests were… eh. Some were okay. Some weren’t. Some were just outright jerks. It was inventory night, so the goal is to let the coolers go as dry as possible to make it easier for the bossman to count later, so I only stocked as needed to keep bare minimums available for what was moving.

It’ll get filled back up later, either by our day barkeep (not particularly likely), or our new barback. Bofh of those things mean I’ll probalby be fixing it later, but that’s life, right? I’m half considering a call-in for Monday night, honestly. Major school project due on Tuesday and I could really use the extra time. I’ll make the final call on that closer to game time, as it were.

But the night passed swiftly enough, which for a night like this? Really couldn’t ask much fairer.


Take it easy, folks.

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March 1, 2021

Doesn’t matter how the day goes. If it’s a calm still night, it’s the perfect end.

A lovely write-up.


March 6, 2021

@priyankabaranwal – Truth! Thanks!