What I Realised Before Going to MMA Training

🖐 Should you have free time ⏰ in the hours or minutes leading up to an MMA workout, it can be an excellent idea to physically and psychologically prepare yourself for the workout in front of you. Many MMA competitors perform some pre-training duties, like preparing their gym bag or filling up their drink container, however, many practitioners prefer to take it a step further. Below are some pre-training suggestions that newer students to the sport should take into consideration.

  • Get Your Hygiene Right ✍

Possessing decent hygiene is important for MMA training. It’s not only important for safety factors – it will help cut down on the spread of hazardous bacteria and fungi on the ground mats and training equipment – but here are the straight facts, no one wishes to be exercise partners with someone who has poor hygiene!

Just because you are heading off to the training center 🏋 to work up a sweat and maybe even draw a little blood, there’s no excuse to show up stinking like a pig! Of course, most of us develop body stench when we workout, but the bacteria that produce this scent need time to develop. Arriving at the gym smelling good, probably will mean that your body odor won’t be too bad at the time you eventually finish training. At the very least, it’s respectful to your MMA exercise partners and the gym as a whole.

  • File and Clip Your Nails ✍

Fingernails and toenails can be a significant danger when training in MMA. If you are striking, a long or pointed toenail can effortlessly slash your partner’s skin. Similarly, if you have begun training Brazilian jujitsu, a nail may scrape or cut your opponent when rolling around on the mats.

A method to make sure that you always have short nails is to load a nail clipper in your workout bag or keep one in your car.

  • Keep Your MMA Gear Dry ✍

Might you be one of those people that let your sweat-covered MMA gloves, shin protectors, and various other products sit in your gym bag after every exercise session with virtually no chance to dry or air out? This is certainly a major mistake if you wish to offer your MMA equipment the longest feasible lifespan. It’s also a surefire way to make your exercise gear stink seriously awful.

MMA gear ought to be dried after every training session. This will constrain the bacteria growth on the equipment, minimizing smells and extending the lifespan of your gear.

  • Don’t Eat Before Training 💔

Lots of students find themselves lured to consume a meal right before their exercise session. The digestive tract needs lots of blood and energy to process food; as a result, eating before a training session will make you feel sleepy and listless. Having a belly packed with food is additionally a sure way of getting cramps, heartburn symptoms as well as queasiness.

It is better to eat your meals several hours before a workout. Generally speaking, aim to eat 2-3 hours before you start exercising. If you get hungry right before a workout commences, find a light snack to eat, but do not eat an additional full meal!

  • Shadowbox and Stretch Before Workouts ✍

When you have some time to yourself at home before your MMA training begins, it’s generally an excellent idea to begin warming up the body and performing some light stretches.

Every MMA competitor should do shadowboxing every time they get the opportunity. Shadowboxing before a training session is regarded as a superb method to rehearse what you wish to undertake during your training time. It will also enable you to initiate your fighting flow whilst offering your muscle tissue a light training session.

After shadowboxing, your muscles will probably be heated up enough to perform a light stretch. Pre-training stretches ought to be light and involve continual movement. If you are not completely sure about your training, it is better to ask people who have been training for a long time. Invite them to a free chat and use your time to find better training with the professionals. You do not want to carry out a deep stretch or sustain a specific stretch for too long, as this may trigger rest and unwind reaction from your body – not really what you’re looking for before your workout routines!

Once you integrate some or all of these suggestions into your pre-workout regime, you’re sure to go to your workouts feeling much more comfortable and energized. This can bring about better, more effective workouts, giving you the edge to push even harder.

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April 14, 2022

When I wrote this mini-article, I was very inspired by the use of free chat rooms where there was a discussion on this particular topic. It was they who motivated me to take the time to do my blogging.