does crying help ?

well yes , but actually no

when you don’t usually have the strenght to confront smthing, you cry

i cry because the i am not capable of changing reality

but if YOU, in any situation, have the matter in your own hands, don’t cry, if you can’t hold cry, cry if it’ll make you better, but don’t over-cry

crying won’t, in fact, change anything, it may help you feel less sad maybe, but it won’t change reality,

I think cry when you feel like it, but just think, think about what can you do to change your actual situation

Finally, if crying could help me get through life i would cry everytime, but , in this world, it doesn’t change anything

anyways, it’s my first day on OD, if you think it’s interesting or you have another point of view, comment

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March 13, 2021