Snow Day!!!

For the second time this year we have a snow day. We got 3.74 inches of snow overnight and it is beautiful out.

Speaking of snow days I adopted a penguin for Tiger’s page and named it Snow Day after adopting it on our district’s first Snow Day in over 1000 days of school.

Now you ask what is Tiger’s page? April 15, 2013 one of my Junior Achievement students gave me a tiny panda. I named it Tiger after her school’s mascot and started taking it with me to each Junior Achievement event. Fast forward to that fall and my first sessions back at New Haven intermediate, I had a young man who was autistic but mainstreamed. He left early to avoid the noise of dismissal but needed escorted to the office. Since I was leaving at his dismissal time it made sense for him to go with me to the office. He saw Tiger in my side pocket and asked about him. I told him the story of how I got Tiger and he was concerned that he was all alone. Four weeks later I had my last session and as we left this young man looked at me and said “my mom has a surprise for you.”

we get down to the office and his mom was waiting with a package in her hands. She told me that Austin had worked hard to pass his multiplication test to go get a Happy Meal. She thought he was after the NFL toy but when they asked boy or girl toy he asked for the build a bear. I guess the counter person asked which one and he asked for a girl bear.

That was when Austin took the bear and handed her to me and told me to keep her with Tiger so he wouldn’t be lonely. Somehow I managed to ask him her name and he told me that I had to name her. I asked him if it was okay to name her after the girl who gave me Tiger and his little face just light up. So I ended up with Betsy the mint green bear. After that I added Summer the penguin when I left Tiger and Betsy at home during a PTA conference. Slowly after that I started adding friends and started a Facebook page to track their adventures. If you want to look it up on Facebook it is The Adventures of Tiger and Friends.

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February 6, 2018

What a wonderful story!