If anything envy and jealousy are normal emotions.  Knowing that, I would say that there are very few things. A car, a job, and people who are homeowners are the top 3 I think.  I tried to get a license when I was 16, but flunked the tests. (Both written and student driver) I can’t get a job because I figured out way too late in the game I don’t have any work experience.  (Thanks internet.) As for the homeowners, my parents are my landlords and they don’t get repairs done the day of.  Or even in a few days.  I can tell them to get a job done, about the problem and it won’t get done.  A year later that same problem will get addressed.  I get so frustrated.  I just wish I were kept in the loop more. Who I don’t envy? College students who brag that they have a four year degree.  My AA is just as good.  I used to envy people who had friends, only to discover we all have problems. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone after all. Sometimes I envy people who can cook and that takes practice.




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