Gnar-sis and Gno-sis, twins separated at birth

The thing that separates humans from animals is narcissism. Which is the ABILITY to examine oneself, as in a mirror, as if from an outside perspective, to gain clarity on what needs change and what is working. Same thing as Gnosticism. Originally they were the same thing, then the nature of duality caused them to become positive and negative refractions of that thing. Polaris refracts the projected energy from the black sun to create the sun and the moon, and all things eventually express this.

Depending on when we are examining a persons habits and for how long we watch, said person will be going through the cycle of their gnostic/nars’tic human journey and depending on where they are in this cycle when we get a glimpse of them is how we label them as either positive (gnostic, knowing, cool, wise, smart, patient, etc) or negative (narcissistic, bad, evil, vain, stupid, etc). Of course the labels will also vary in relation to the perspective of the viewer/ examiner/ viewers/ examiners/ culture/ trends etc and are very much subject to persuasion as we see in extreme in political campaigns and the like.

It could be said that in any species of animal, their greatest strength is going to create their limiting factor. A cat is the best hunter, therefore she only eats meat, therefore if there is no meat she does not eat. A human has the ability to examine the self, therefore he can adapt to circumstances and changes in nature by checking his form so that function may follow. As with Narcissus, the danger of this is being frozen in that position when you like what you see. Beauty is attractive, and the beauty of self is no exception. This snapshot or moment in time when a human is not recognizing the laws of nature or being mindful due to being frozen in awe of their own power is what the modern mainstream definition of narcissism is. And it’s temporary just like any condition, as nature starts to corrode and chip away at narcissus, he finds his way again by means of survival.

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