Not going to delve into the story of the Porn Baron yet, it’s too late and I’m tired. It’s always too bloody late and I’m always too bloody tired….

Just a quick thing from today – I’ve started taking Aiden down the river with me when I walk the dog (now that I can trust him not to throw himself into either the river or the nettles). He’s taken up sitting on my shoulders rather than walking. Apparently, he can spy into people’s gardens as we walk past.

Anyway, there are certain parts of the walk we take where he likes to run (as 2 year olds are wont to do), so he gets down off my shoulders and off he goes. Today the dog ran after him, under the trees in the sunshine.

It’s little scenes like that which are getting me through this non-existence we’re all living in currently. I guess if I’d been in some job or other*, I’d have missed that today.

Finally, it’s nice to write something like this and stay anonymous to a certain degree. Facebook can do one (not posted on there since about 2015 when I realised I was having in depth descriptions of things I did from people I did NOT do them with).

Bedtime, methinks..




*left old job to become a driving instructor. Last year I reached a literal breaking point… more on that later though 

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May 19, 2020

Every second of everyday you can spend with those you love, nothing else really matters…except maybe food and sleep….