Monday rollover.

Another week. I’m going out with his roommate to her doctor appointments today. We usually hang out together like that. We’re always together. If I wasnt with him, I was with her. Now, I’m just home or with her.

The first week was better than I thought. It had its rough moments. I even tried calling him which he didnt answer. I think he now has me on block which I blocked him. Its sad. Four years comes to this and he has me on block. Its sad that I let him kick me out the way it happened just so he could go do his Monday night cheat thing. Well hes single now and I might as well start acting like I am too.

I think today we’re going to the eye doctor and to her dental office to see if they take my insurance. I got a few calls to make this week and I need to get the ball rolling for that. My phones on the charger and I need to switch to the qlinkĀ  phone.

Not sure what this week holds for me. I did finally start looking into those library books I checked out. I think tomorrow Im going to go back and what not. We shall see. I didnt get a 30 day bus pass like I usually do.

Well Im going to make my bed and color. Hope you all have a great week.

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