NKOTB, big bosoms, and pot pies…

My sister Bees has the New Kids playing on her tablet, and my sister gave me a dress but my boobs are too big for it, I’m a curvy person see? Soo… and we are having beef and chicken pot pies for dinner, they are individual pies… so, everyone can have one or two if they want.

Right now, I am having cramps… I think Aunt Flo is visiting me soon. 🙁 I hate her and her friend Arthur-E-Ritis. They both can go to hell.

I think that we are going food shopping on Friday, for Bees, Julz and myself. We are getting pop and other stuff.

I’m getting hungry, so… dinner awaits!



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July 7, 2021

I love those rainbow crocs!!  And yeah, I haven’t had Aunt Flo visit for some years now and I don’t miss her.  Unfortunately I do have Arthritis.  If he’s your uncle too I guess that means we’re related.  🙂

@novembercirese LOL I know eh? Julz loves her crocs. I guess we are related! Arthur-E-Ritis doesn’t care about the lives he touches.