Still nauseous…

I just saw Heather my worker. She is doing okay… she just wanted to catch up with me. She wants me to go clothes shopping, but I have to get rid of the nausea first. I saw a nice coat for sale at Giant Tiger and I want it. Here is what I need…

  1. a new winter jacket
  2. a pair of boots with good tread
  3. 2 sweaters
  4. 2 pair sweat pants (I live in these)
  5. 1 nightie
  6. more socks

That’s about it.


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2 weeks ago

I love Bees’ glasses.  They suit her.  And Yay! for new clothes.

@novembercirese For sure Cirese!

2 weeks ago

I hope that the nausea is gone now and that you can go shopping.

@kotila Nope. It’s due to my anti-depressant.

2 weeks ago

Oh yeah, Sammy. You need good boots to handle the snow. I should probably do that myself because my current shoes will provide zero traction.

@heffay Does it snow much in Loveland?

2 weeks ago

@kartoffeltorte we get a decent amount of snow. Luckily, it’s usually a lot of small snow storms so it’s easy to deal with.

@heffay Come to Canada.. LOL!!! Then you will know true hell.

2 weeks ago

How come you’re nauseous?  Has it been going on for a while?  Maybe you need to see a doc?  Inquiring minds want to know these things!

@ghostdancer *hugs* It’s due to my antidepressant.

2 weeks ago

@kartoffeltorte That’s too bad!  Have you talked to your doctor about this?  There’s lots of antidepressants out there — maybe the doc could find you one that doesn’t have that side effect!

2 weeks ago

Oh, I wish you were close enough… I have socks, and socks, and socks… the ones that are good for diabetic feet.

1 week ago

Oh no! Feel better soon.

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