This may sound stupid but it’s true…

I have no idea why the f-ck I didn’t think of this b4… my login email technically doesn’t exist (as of yet) but when I get my iPad on Monday, I will create the e-mail and thus… there you go! I am hoping this works.. bc if not, I am sunk like the Titanic.

I slept off and on last night. I need melatonin to sleep bc I can’t endure this nightly happy horseshit much longer.

Heather, my worker is phoning me sometime today…. no doubt she will have some choice words for me but as long as I hold out for that iPad, things will look up.

So, how’s life in Margaritaville? (lol)


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October 26, 2021

I hope the idea of creating the ID works. Good luck.

Do you keep melatonin around? Or do you need to get some?

October 27, 2021

@heffay I have to get it prescribed for me.