Shout Out Life

I’m 58, single and gay.  To recall the years I’ve had, I would say I’m so blessed by God.  I don’t know why because I totally don’t deserve it.  I have a kind, loving and good looking boyfriend and a good job.  My health has been good, earned some savings,  pension, and have a humble house with an amazing 12 yr old dog.  I’ve had had so many monogamous relationships before.  All of them good looking but few were assholes.  So majority, I was really lucky to have known the facets of homosexual life.

There were also times when my life was at stake, especially on accidents, like, when I was held up by two guys on my way home.  By instincts, I  threw my bag filled with lots of money and expensive camera to afar then saved from being stabed with a knife just about the people were passing thru the road where I was laid down to ground.  The robbers fled, my life was spared.

There was also one time when I was crossing the road at around 3AM, on my way home, there was a big truck on my left side, waiting for the light to go green.  As I passed by it, after a beat, I found myself kneeling my left leg, my right shoe and bag were all thrown few feet away from me.  Then I heard a streak of a motor cycle and saw a man lying on the ground.  He got up and I realized he almost killed me.  If I would have stepped one beat late, I could have been dead.  But divinity intervened.

There are still a lot of incidents to tell about, but only one thing is for sure.  God is always looking after me.  Despite my short comings and weaknesses, He’s there for me, giving so many blessings.  I always worry and fear about the future of getting old with no money, getting sick or even becoming a crazy homeless guy waiting for his final end.

So I thought, why not share my life experiences to people and glorify His name. Make a daily prayer to extend life as long possible while praising His Holy Name.  Why not? God is Great all the time..


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