As a 22 year old, I thought I had the freedom to do anything as I please. I pretty much do everything on my own and helping the family out, I have a job and all and don’t exactly need their support other than a place to say. For once I’ve decided to stop hiding my habit of vaping (with nicotine). Lord how I wish I hadn’t done that. My mom, not my dad, but my mom, she started bursting into tears, crying for literally 2 hours with me trying to explain that it ain’t AS bad as smoking (which I used to but she doesn’t know that…).

I know I should’ve told her personally but trust me… it wouldn’t make anything better. I just don’t get the reason WHY she has to act like this and now she isn’t even talking to me. This is why I tend to not tell her anything… she OVERREACTS. I rather get spanked than seeing her act this way.

I’m not trying to make her feel bad or anything but I just think I’m grown enough to manage and do things I want. It’s not like I’m a drug-addict or some kind of disrespectful cunt. I don’t like hiding things behind anyone’s back but with her, I have to or else this.

I just hope this who stupid situation ends soon, because it’s really bugging me. I HATE that I can’t talk to her about anything without her behaving like a 5 year old.


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