First day of my life, again.

Well, day one of having a diary again for the first time in a decade or so. It’s been a helleva year and a twelfth am’iright? Hell of a life in general i guess. Fingers crossed to things getting better, or just finally “Good” .

I spent the evening playing Stardew Valley, and listening to some of my favorite old bands from when I was a tween. They hold up, and still stir up those stupid feelings I had back then. It’s really cool that music can do that. It really sucks that music does that.

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February 3, 2021

Which bands?? I love SV. So cute!

February 4, 2021

@sleepydormouse Dashboard Confessional, Chevelle, Weezer, Barenaked Ladies, The Cribs, David Gray, The Weepies, i could go on forever 🙂

February 4, 2021

@lalageeko my sister went to a bnl concert… she loved it. I’m more into classic punk… I did however go to a NKOTB concert when I was 16 in 1990.

February 4, 2021

@sleepydormouse  Oh that’s awesome, I’m jelly! Haha I’ll bet that was an insane show! Love Markie Mark

February 4, 2021

@lalageeko Mark Wahlberg is a great actor… and his brother Donnie is a great singer. They should not quit their day jobs to do the other’s work.

February 5, 2021

@sleepydormouse  Haha, agreed. Was it Donnie who played Dunence in Dreamcatcher?

February 6, 2021

@lalageeko IDK… but I do know about Joey <3