New To The Circle

Hello Everyone! I am new to the circle and wanted to give you guys a little taste of me. I started my Fitness Journey basically in my freshman year of college, I am a Senior now. I was always a skinny kid but I didn’t want to be that anymore, so I hit the gym (and the dining hall) and began making GAINZ! I was always an athlete and played football and ran track in high school so I had a background, but I was more built for endurance and not strength. When I was a Freshman I weighed about 130lbs since then I have gained just about 70 lbs making me 200lbs! I am still learning my ins and outs of the gym, my diet, and my body, but I am loving every minute of it. I am excited to share more with you guys and please comment if you have any tips and ticks about dieting while staying strong!

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