Pizza Birthday Dinner

Hey…. I had Papa John’s for supper. I am just waiting for Dave tto come with pin and a house meeting. I hope that we are allowed to go to stores bc I need games for my new yellow Switch. I could get the physical games but I prefer digital. We sat poolside for awhile but went inside bc it was too hot out.

I have a new sims story for you. It’s a bit of a Black Widow Challenge mixed with a regular challenge.

Meet Willa Pierpoint who lives in …



She is a popularity sim that likes men/women who wear their undies all the time and can cook a mean meal. She doesn’t like`clownish full face makeup Her LTW is to become Captain Hero (top of the law career track)

I mistakenly sent her to Hunter’s Park instead of Londoste to search for a rich man.


After swinging for a bit, she met Ryan Wheeler… 


Which was fine and great but he only brought 6k to the table.


Willa: Ryan, will you be my rich husband? ++3500 pts

Ryan: *has an epileptic fit* YES!!!!


So, seeing this is the Pierpoint legacy and not the Wheeler one, I invited Ryan to Willa’s empty lot.


Still they get married…


Amy the mail carrier: What does she see in him?? *ralphs in letter bag*

Oops! Gross!!


Got her a temp job.


Grimmy: *grumbles* Not another satellite death…

Oh yes Grimmy.. those babies are worth 1500 simoleons!




Meet Amanda Pierpoint. The firstborn of Willa and the now late Ryan Pierpoint (ne Wheeler).



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Ryan: I won’t forget this damnit!!


More later ok?



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July 2, 2020

My grand baby was born on your birthday!  Brooks Lee he is gorgeous

July 3, 2020

@kaliko I saw! So cute!!!

July 2, 2020

I bet the pizza was ham and pineapple?  Hope you had a great day….

July 3, 2020

@jaythesmartone Bacon and cheese. TY

July 2, 2020

Happy birthday, I’m not much into gaming.

July 3, 2020

@starshine57 That’s ok.

July 3, 2020

Happy birthday!!

July 4, 2020

@queenofegypt Merci!