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What does your online diary name mean, and why did you pick it?

My diary name pretty much explains itself… The phoenix is a mythlogical creature that dies and gets reborn from its ash time after time.  I kind of see myself in it – I’ve changed who I am and how I see the world many and many times, and every time I think I get closer to understanding myself. 

I chose this name as opposed to my more often used "Zarlune" because of two main reasons… first is that all my friends know that if they want to find me on a message board or on a site that allows you to look up by user name, all they’d have to do is look for Zarlune and chances are it’s me.  And the second reason why is that this was the name my original diary here on OD was under.  Same color scheme too, although I had a poem on the front page as opposed to a tiny blurb that says very little about me.

When did you first get an online diary?

Uuhmm… Right after I started really surfing the net, so that was back in ’98.  I think I started out on LJ, didn’t like it very much, moved here to OD (first under the name Majar Aeria, and then Kaikuahine, and finally The Phoenix Reborn).  I know I was on OD in 2001, since I spent Sept 11th talking with a couple friends from here who’s parents were working in the pentagon.  Not long after, I moved to diaryplace, which I fell in love with and was very very sad it went down… after DP, I just kind of floated around, made another LJ, stayed there for a while till some drama happened that made me delete my diary.  Went to diaryland for a few, and then back to LJ, and finally back here, where I hope to stay.

How did you find out about OD?

A friend of mine, Kaosha, told me about it, years and years and years ago.

Why did you start an Open Diary?

Because I wanted to be able to read and note Kaosha’s journal, and because I needed a place to rant and rave.  I came back recently because I met some really good friends here the first time, and I’ve not found another journaling site that compares to this one.

When writing in your diary do you feel like you are writing for the reader or for you?

A little of both?  I try to write mostly for me, but I also know if I didn’t have readers and didn’t have people that I wanted to check up on, I wouldn’t write as often as I do. 

When writing an entry, are you completely honest?

I try to be.  I tend not to go into really deep detail if it’s something private or something that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with sharing fully.  Those thoughts get fleshed out mostly in my paper journal – a lot of them are emotional dribble, hardly worth the pen and paper that it took to write them down, but I need to get them out. 

Describe your writing setting?

When I’m at home, I usually write on my laptop, which is currently sitting on my project table, along with a bunch of cloth, munchies, and things like that.  I also write at work, which is just my desk and cubicle.  Nothing too exciting, except for my Buddha statues and my doo-dah bird.

Is anyone you know (in real life) allowed to read your diary?

I’ll read bits and pieces of it out to my mother, and tell her what’s going on in a couple of my favorites’ lives, but other than that, the only other one of my friends who knows about my journal and who has permission to read it is Brandon. 

Do you know anyone with a diary in real life, which you are allowed to read?

Not really.  I can lurk around Matt’s LJ if I wanted to, and a few of our other ex-friends, but I do my best to stay out of his life and he out of mine.

Has anyone found your diary that you really didn’t want to find it?

Not this journal.  My LJ was found by the girlfriend of a guy who kissed me, and she made a huge drama about it.  It was a friendly kiss, and I didn’t realize that it set off so many waves until she and her friends trashed my journal with notes and such. ::shakes her head:: It was silly all around. But she and I are aquaintances now, everything’s cool between us, and they’re still together, with a cute kid.

Do you believe writing in your online diary is therapeutic?

Most definitely.

How many entries do you have?

Not counting this one? 85 public, 2 friends only.

Do you have any private entries?

No, I have a pen and paper journal for that.

If you answered yes to that, (without getting too personal), why don’t you want people to see them?

A lot of my private stuff is emo-dribble.  Just whining and cussing and stuff.  Not worth a read.

How many favorites do you have?

20, there abouts.

Do you know who your first favorite was? Who has been on your list the longest?

Interior Lulu was my first, and she’s been on my list the longest.  I think Lost Along the Road was favorited the same day, so she’s been on my list the longest too.

Which of your faves is most similar to you?

Probably a toss up between Burn.My.Dread and ~W.  Gotta love gamers.

Which one of your faves is different from you and why?

RiseAndShine-xx – she’s quite a bit younger, and while I love her taste in music, she doesn’t remind me of me at all when I was her age. 😛 I hated drama and art.  She’s epic though.

Your entry list has just updated? Who do you go to first, second, third?

I usually go from the top down in my list (or the bottom up, if I’m feeling cheeky).  I skip around a little bit sometimes though, I’ll peek at the entries, and if they look really text intensive, I’ll sometimes mark them as unread and come back later to read – or if i read them and realize I want to note, but have no clue what to say, I’ll come back later.

Who is your newest fave?

Markerpencil – He just started out here, but it seems interesting.

If you could meet any of your  faves in real life (and you were sure they weren’t an ax murderer), who would you pick and why?

Woohoo! Long list!  Well, let’s see…

* I’m already making plans to see ~W sometime in the near future, since we’re just a few hours apart. 
* I invited Burn.My.Dread to look me up if he ever comes up this way, and in

vited him to PAX / My birthday. 
* I’m going to go see Shadowfox as soon as I finish his quilt and whatnot. 

I do want to see Lost Along the Road and rock out with her and Stevie, too.  Woot for Rock Band!

Do you talk to your faves online?

I don’t know if it counts, but Shadowfox and I’ve been talking online for ages. ::grin:: I actually dragged him onto OD.  Other than him, I talk to Burn.My.Dread on facebook, and Lost Along the Road and I text each other a lot. 

Do you ever write an entry while intoxicated?

Not lately, but I’m sure I’ve written two or three.  I tend to make more phone calls while drunk than I do entries.

Do you feel accepted by the diary community?

Perhaps not by the community at large, but definitely by my corner of it.  I’m more than happy here.

Have you ever feel in love with someone over open diary?

Nah, I crushed on a guy I was reading and writing back and forth with, but never fell in love.

Have you ever read an entry that really moved you? Has anyone read an entry that made you cry?

I have, and I don’t know if anyone’s read one that made me cry in anyway other than angry tears. 

What are your favorite kinds of entries to read?

Either one where the writer is extremely excited about something or one that makes me think. 

After writing an entry how long do you wait to see if you have notes?

Eh, depends on how bored I am. 

If you don’t have notes, do you feel left down?

Only if there’s something really important that I wanted feedback on. 

How many notes do you usually get?

Between 3 – 5 notes… counting ~W’s notes all as 1.  He tends to get long winded ::grin::

Did you know the more notes you leave, the more notes you get?

Not always works that way, but generally, yeah, I guess.

Do you delete mean or offensive notes?

Haven’t had any in this journal, and I generally don’t delete them.  I may make them private though.

Have you ever left a nasty note and not signed your name?

Nope, thought about it a few times though.

Have you ever left notes on a person’s diary just to make them feel better?

Not ‘just’ to make them feel better, but if a friend’s feeling down, I try to leave a note to let them know I’m thinking of ’em.

Do you keep a paper copy of your online diary?

No, but I do keep a copy of my journal on my writing flash drive.  Which reminds me, I should backup the journal again.  Wheee.

Do you go back and reread your entries?

Quite often, actually.  I like seeing how I’ve changed in the past few months, and also to remind me as to what I’ve talked about already and what I haven’t.

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March 9, 2010

RYN- The third night was blessedly uneventful.

March 9, 2010

Ryn: HAHA! 😀 There’s not all that many good looking guys in my year. I wouldn’t like to take the chance 😛

March 9, 2010

Thank you! It feels weird.. but I’m slowly getting used to it. 😉 I’m also going to steal this survey thing!

March 10, 2010

You can now add texting me to the list. Thank gawd for the unlimited texting on my cel plan.