Crave the Return



There are days when I know I am alive

And there are days when I feel it

It’s on these days that I sense goodness that surpasses knowledge

Or a loosely-held belief that goodness exists

I feel the air move through my lungs

I feel the sting in my shoulders after an August sunset


There is life there; intermingled


There is life in the air and in the sun’s rays

It’s in the notes of a song

Or hidden in the lines of poetry about the scent of a woman’s hair

And the softness of her skin

It’s in the tips of the maple trees in late September,

Burning red with the colors of Autumn


In between it all, there is life


It’s in the fluttering of the heart while being in love

Being alive is much like an awareness of being in love

Even as love come and love goes, unfaithfully…

And we wait for love or life to stir us again

Could be embrace it everyday?

Could we make use of the overflow continually?

Or were we meant to bask momentarily’

And crave the return?


Peace and Love



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