*****OctoPhoMo 23*****

Is it just me or has this month totally flown by? I cannot believe we are getting into the holiday season already.  Im ready for the new year though.  Ready for this one to be over and the new BETTER one to start.

Yesterday we went and had family pictures done.  I hired an individual photographer to take the pictures.  Its the first time since my wedding day that Ive done that.  Those pictures were soooooo horrible I never wanted to hire another photographer again, but I thought Id give it one more try.  Im tired of the stuffy feel of a studio, so it was nice to get outside and take  a few.  I am soooo anxious to see them.  Hope we got some great shots.  The kids did so much better to.  I dont know if its because they have aged or if it was the change in atmosphere.  Usually they are not cooperative at all.

23rd – Your pet(s) dressed up for Halloween -OR- Something you hate to do

I HATE visiting my dad in a nursing home…….I’m only 29.  On Friday he will be 56….he should be at home.  Worst of all, I hate taking my kids to see him there, he should be enjoying his grandbabies at home.

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I’d hate doing that also. When it comes to photos of my kids, I hate school photos.. and I tend to take my own shots of my kids…(I hate having to prepay for the photos–if I can’t see what I’m buying first I’m not shelling out the money).