Anger vs Discipline

On the left side is anger, on the right side is discipline. You’ve got a choice to make. You can choose anger and thus choose to be angry or you can choose discipline and thus choose to be disciplined. Now, if you choose anger over discipline your whole life starts collapsing onto you, however, if you choose discipline over anger, your whole life starts building onto you. What I mean here is, we are often stubborn and we often refuse to do what we are being told, but what we don’t know what we’ve no idea of is that the more we refuse to do it, the more undisciplined we become, and the more anger we build inside of us. And it is precisely this anger that leads us nowhere in our lives. While discipline, can actually take us somewhere in our lives, somewhere Special in our lives. That’s why some of us don’t amount to much, some of us don’t amount to anything, while others who’ve learned of discipline, actually amount to a lot, actually amount to something. This choice is a hidden power we all have, for with this power we can either collapse everything onto us or we can build everything onto us. So, the more we choose to obey, the more we choose discipline, the more we are actually growing into someone great, and the more we are growing into someone great, the more our lives begin to change and become something great. So stay or be disciplined, dear souls. Don’t Ever! allow anger to consume you. 

 Stay safe   

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