Mid week


Today’s quote of the day:

“Each day provides its own gift”

Marcus Aurelius

Usually I’m very last minute in the mornings but today I made an effort to try and get up earlier so I can actually sit and enjoy my breakfast. Though I was late for work as the bus arrived late and also there was an unusual traffic standstill. I later learned an old lady had crashed which caused the delay, but thankfully she is okay ❤️ Life is so precious, every minute is a privilege.

I visited my friends new coffee place again to see how he’s getting on. The room was occupied with dining customers which is great sign. I’m so proud of him, T had a vision and he honoured his dream.  I ordered a hot chocolate and a croissant 🥐 to go though I told him I will be back . T then told me I can visit whenever I want, even just to hangout on the weekends if I’m bored. Aww bless.

Soon there will be a Xmas party at work but I will be working early and then leaving early. Oh yeaaaa.

I hope whoever is reading this is in good health and spirits. If something is bothering you, hang on in there. Trust the process. You will become stronger because of it.

Enough love

Nadia xx



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