For some reason I’m great at making titles when there’s no further content. But not vice versa. Slept longer than I expected. Been up since about 4 am. Slept in 20-30min cycles. No need in laying around wishing I was resting. Besides, the j in my ashtray smelled so inviting.

Studio 54. It’s nice. Much better taste then the last bit. I thought about going to the cafe when they opened around 5:30 but changed my mind. The prices are ridiculous. But that’s the case with almost every purchase in my life. The city. I guess I’m used to it.

You know it’s amazing to me how many people have so much to say. Words. It’s always what ‘I want to do’, not what ‘I’m doing’.  These last couple years has been the most uncooperative shit I’ve ever seen. It’s unbelievable. Everyone has gone mad. A bunch of ostriches. Bury my head in the sand and hope for the best. Smh.

So many projects that amounted to nothing. So much wasted potential. Thousands and thousands of dollars down the drain. Time spent. And for what? For everyone to be comfortable and entertained? People used to spend their whole lives fighting, struggling, pushing for advancement. For opportunity. And now the trend is to get high and complacently regress. It’s somewhat sad.

But as usual, I have to be my own motivation. With or without a team, the show must go on. Maybe I’ll finally get a human on the phone today and can open the web shop back up. Perhaps I’ll end up with an unexpected visitor that’s down to record an episode. Or maybe it’ll be an average day of craziness full of miscreants, exhibitionists, druggies and general weirdos. Who knows. Maybe I just won’t even emerge to the public at all and just smoke myself silly taking notes from how to videos.

Either way I’m not going to just wait around for the next person. I have stuff to do. People, please be among the people that Do Stuff. Time is precious!

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