I hate to use the word “hate,” but…

I am so angry.  Beyond angry.  At myself.  I believed for a moment that walking away without burned bridges was the right thing to do.  I believed that I had moved on, and that they had things under control…  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  So wrong that I can’t even fathom how I could’ve continued to allow myself to be a part of such a hateful, ugly organization.  They are terrible people.  People who don’t care about others.  People who are so passive aggressive in their approach to confrontation, that their practice WILL go under.  They were in dire straights when they hired me.  They are in dire straights now that I’ve been gone for six months.

A labor dispute will ensue.  I will be forced to stand with the employee who is 100% in the right.  I respect one owner, but the other I do not.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow will tell.  Thank heavens I got out when I did.

<Deep Breath>

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