‘Humble’ brag and other things

September 9, 2021 – 9:46 P.M.

Today at work I had this scenario where a parent and their child had the same name and birth month. For context, I’m a claims processor and this kind of detail can be easily overlooked then mess up a member’s claims if we’re not careful. Typically we have flags in place to get our attention but this didn’t have any so I decided to call our specialists to give them a heads up basically. Here comes the brag: the girl I spoke with, who seems to know claims very well, reassured me I wasn’t overthinking it and said whenever she takes my calls I always bring up something legitimate and catch things. Then she proceeded to say that has made her think to herself that I’m gonna go far cause it takes a specific mindset to be a specialist. I was really flattered. This coming from a girl who doesn’t sugar coat anything. It means a lot to get praise because 1. I’m kinda bashful about HOW thorough I am when processing cause it makes me a slower processor and 2. I’ve felt like the problem child of the team for not getting through as many claims as everyone else. It was just nice. Not that I’m terribly interested in moving up but you never know.

Switching gears. I actually meant to write about this last night but it slipped my mind. So my apartment is right by the complex’s dog park which means I get to see a decent amount of dogs and their owners. Well there is this one pair that kinda unnerves me; A beefy, eager pitbull with a skinny woman. I am not trying to stereotype the breed, I know they get a bad rap. Our first family dog was a pitbull Staffordshire terrier mix so I really am not hating. I’m just saying this dog is clearly overexcited in the could easily turn into aggression way and I don’t trust that she could handle the situation or frankly be strong enough to hold onto him. Thankfully I don’t run into them much. There was no real point to that lol it just makes me nervous.

Anyways. Went to the fair today. I was excited to get some beeswax lip balm from the local beekeepers. They sell every year but they weren’t there. A lot of stuff wasn’t there this year I’m assuming because of covid. It was such a bummer! But I get it.

Libby got a butterfly balloon animal from a clown. My mom and I had placed it in the wagon we had brought with us only to have it fall out somewhere along the way. Libby was rightfully upset, I felt so bad. Then as we were making our way back the way we came, the butterfly balloon was there, propped up against a hand sanitizing station. I was so shocked. I had really assumed it was gone, picked up by some other child but no. My heart melted I was like, I love the humanity. Anyway Libby was scared to walk through the area with all the caged chickens haha it was super cute seeing her all unsure. She eventually warmed up when she heard the roosters cock-a-doodle-doo. We didn’t do much else other than kiddie rides and walk around. The night ended with Libby sleepily saying she was tired of walking and me attempting to carry her to the car. No idea how heavy she is these days but I’m out of shape anyway so lol I had to stop and take a break. I only do it cause I love when she’s snuggly. I’m just auntie so I steal any parent perks I can with her.

P.s. I didn’t even get cotton candy. Or an elephant ear. I am so ashamed… lol

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September 10, 2021

I have never been to any fair before. Why did you bring a wagon?

And I am glad that person complimented you. I know you work hard and you choose precision over speed. Good job!

September 17, 2021

@heffay lol for all the things you buy that you don’t need like scentsy wax cubes and then all the food like kettlecorn and cotton candy, etc. But in this case to also wheel around a tired 3 year old.

Thank you! 😊 it’s true haha I can’t help it.