Tonight, tonight.

February 15, 2022 – 10:41 P.M.

I watched Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story tonight with my friend. It was beautiful. Ariana DeBose was incredible. It made me want to become a dancer. Of any style but the way they were twirling in those vintage dresses was a dream. And dancing/dating too! How it used to be to spend time together. And falling in love. Most of the time I don’t really contemplate it, it just seems to vaguely exist in the back of my mind but this took my mind there for a bit.

There was an older woman sitting 2 seats away from me. When she came in and down our aisle, I smiled at her and moved my purse in case that was her seat but luckily we had the empty seat between us as she also put her purse down saying like you have that side and I’ll put mine on this side. This made me smile too. “That sounds good to me.” As the movie was hitting its climax and coming toward the end, I could hear her sniffling. It was comforting knowing I was in similar company as I was also crying 😅 and for once I didn’t feel uncomfortable or feel the need to express embarrassment for openly crying over a movie.

When it was over my friend and I discussed it and when she discovered I was actually not familiar with the story she said, “oh then I bet it was really sad for you” which made me laugh through my tears. I turned my attention to the woman as she got up and put on her jacket. She said something to me, I can’t remember now but I told her I wasn’t familiar with the story as this is my first time seeing any version, and I hadn’t seen the original. She said “I did see the original and I still sobbed” or something along those lines. I agreed it broke my heart but that it was a wonderful film.

My emotions remind me of a time I was watching a Netflix movie at Kail’s apartment and when the sad ending went down it got me bad. I felt embarrassed and made a joke about it by saying to her dog, “oh no Moshi, I can’t stop crying” haha

I needed this after the kind of day(s) I’ve been having lately. Trying not to let myself stay down but I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

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February 16, 2022

I’ve read wonderful things about the film. I’m glad you allow yourself to go where your emotions take you, tears and all.

February 24, 2022

@thebestisyettocome oh yeah? I hadn’t hear anything about it but had a feeling Stephen Spielberg would do a wonderful job. Have you seen it yet? If you remember, I’d be interested to see how you felt about it 🙂

And thank you. I suppose it’s easier to do in a dark theater haha but I do enjoy a good emotional movie that gets me.

February 16, 2022

I assume the movie Pretville had a similar impact. I mean that annoying woman does get run over and then they sing about it, so.

I prefer to be alone if a movie gets to me.

February 24, 2022

@heffay lol! You’re right, it certainly did. I just didn’t want you to know I was crying through the majority of it; tears of joy, sorrow, dismay, etc. Swietie 🍭🍬🧁😛 haha

Yeah I feel like I remember you telling me that before. I usually prefer it that way too but for whatever reason I felt differently in this instance.