My second survey in the time of the pandemic

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Both, but slightly more inclined to be a cat person because they are pretty maintenance free except for those awful litter boxes.


How many pets do you have? What are their names?

None now, but did take care of my mother’s two cats, one of whom lived to be 19.  Her name was Ginger.


What pets, if any, did you have growing up?

A cocker spaniel that ran away when I was about 4 and a  Fox terrier.


What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

Christmas by far, because of so many happy family memories and get togethers.


Which season do you like the best? Why?

Spring because it’s the season of rebirth snd hope, and I can greet the wondrous azaleas and daffodils once again.


What’s the last TV show you binge watched? What’s next on your list?

I’ve never binge-watched any TV show.  Usually one, maybe two episodes is enough!


Do you subscribe to any YouTube channels? If so, which ones?

Many.  I’m addicted o YouTube!


What song do you always sing along to when it comes on?

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash


What are some of your hobbies?

Far and away my primary hobby/passion is photography.  I’m starting to collect stamps again.


Did you take up any new hobbies during the quarantine? If so, what?

No, I just continued my photography pursuits.


Do you play video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

 Absolutely not.  I have a million and one other ways to entertain, inspire and educate myself!


Do you have any favorite stand-up comedians?

Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters


What’s the most important thing in your life at the moment?

Seeking God.


What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Spending even more time on my  iPhone which is cemented to my right hand.


What’s the best memory you have before age 16?

Going swimming at a millpond and coming back to my aunt’s afterward and having a huge country dinner at 1 pm.


What’s the best memory you have in your 20s?

My first newspaper job and the exhilarating experiences associated with that.


What was your usual morning routine before the pandemic? Has that changed?

Everything about life has changed for me since the pandemic began.


Who was the first person you fell in love with? Do you still talk to that person?

Too personal


Who was the last person that made you smile and what did they do?

Someone reacting on YouTube to Dimash singing “Love is Like a Dream.”


What books, if any, have you read this year?

I always have about a dozen books I’m slowly reading.


What are some things you want to do before the year ends?

Nothing in particular except for continuing to live a solitary, reflective life during the pandemic.


What do you hope is invented within your lifetime?

Conclusive treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Would you prefer flying cars or jetpacks?

A quiet battery-powered jet pack!  😌





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