Our long national nightmare is over

Tonight as I watched President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris give their acceptance speeches, I heard voices of decency and humanity, strength and humility.  What a change from the past four years.

Both speeches,  and the entire victory celebration, were inspiring for their inclusiveness and diversity.  What a huge breath of fresh air!  What a high sigh of relief.  For the first time in four years I felt hope for the soul of this country, so battered and torn asunder by Trump, his administration and Republicans.  They enabled this man to make the USA an object, first of laughter and derision, and later of both contempt and pity around the world.  A bucket of water has been thrown on this wicked man by voters who had the sense of compassion, decency, and conviction of their beliefs, to to turn out in record numbers.

Let us rejoice as the people of this country and its institutions  of government begin the long process of recovery.

This is the sight that greeted me yesterday afternoon in back of my house as I went outside to wash my car.

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3 weeks ago