I’ve gotten into the hobby of making poems, it’s a fun way to use big words with simple meanings. I might put one on here every now and then if I get bored enough. Today is going great so far, despite it being monday, I’m in a good mood and making little poems are a great way to keep me busy. I’ve always has trouble just listening, it’s often problematic. I always have to present a possible solution, I hear a lot of people have this problem when someone chooses to confide in them, but I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to just listen. Listening’s enough if someone decides to tell you their problems, not everything has to or can be fixed and that’s a useful thing to learn early on in life. Everyone has a tough life, everyone has it worse than others, it’s not a competition. Through all my hardships I find it easy to love myself, I see my flaws and I still love myself, it’s one of my best qualitys.

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