Global chip sales record released: nearly 15% year-on-year decline in May, 9.8% decline in China

July 4th reported that a new statistics show that global chip sales in May this year fell by nearly 15% compared with the same period last year, of which sales in China fell 9.8%. According to the report, sales in all regional markets declined compared with the same period of last year, with Europe down 9.0%, China down 9.8%, Asia Pacific down 12.6%, and Japan down 13.6%. The Americas fell the most, reaching 27.9%.

Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on July 2, according to the US Semiconductor Industry Association official website released on July 2, global semiconductor sales in May was 33.1 billion US dollars (1 US dollar is about 6.9 yuan), a decrease of 14.6 compared with the same period last year. %, an increase of 1.9% over April this year.

According to the report, the American Semiconductor Industry Association is one of the mainstream organizations in the US semiconductor industry. Its sales account for more than 90% of all sales in the US semiconductor industry. Famous chip manufacturers Intel, Broadcom, Micron Technology, etc. Member of the association.

John Neufer, President and CEO of the American Semiconductor Industry Association, said: “Global semiconductor sales did not reach sales in the same month last year in May this year, which was the fifth consecutive month of negative growth.”

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