My eyes whitened

Disclosure: This is just me giving a title to the nightmare I just recently had.

The setup in the dream is that we are in a huge place that looks somehow empty, no furniture, no appliances, wooden floors and walls and it looks to be on a very high floor since there are huge curtained windows all over and there’s nothing to see outside, just the dark sky and some stars. The walls are painted white with big windows, big enough that a mini car could pass through it.

I am with my family, I can only recall the face of my brother, the rest were voices like they were talking to each other. Then I gaze towards the right part of the big room. I saw my grandma (she passed away years ago)

My grandma was limping and she was walking towards a wooden staircase. I can hear water, based on the dream, from upstairs. The water is like flowing continuously like someone is washing dishes. Then suddenly I see myself, my eyes turned white and I was walking towards my Grandma calling her by her first name in a scary manner, the tone we use when we are scaring a kid hiding somewhere, something like that. Then I laid down on the floor, knocking on the wooden floor slowly while calling out her name. She seemed scared and tried to reach the staircase, then I woke up.

I was gasping for air when I woke up like I ran for mile, with goosebumps too.  I hate dreams like this.


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February 13, 2024

How come everybody is having these vivid dreams, and I got nothing? Maybe I’ve dreamed everything there is to dream….

February 14, 2024

@ravdiablo like never had one? like aphantasia?