Cake dilemma

 I’m at home, free for two more days. I woke up at 1 PM. Had an odd dream.
"You’re so nice because you smile most of the time," I was told. Then I woke up.

Funny, because I’ve confessed that smiling is nothing but a habit for me. It does not mean anything most of the time. But then, somehow that changes when I meet new people. Yesterday, I was placed in a team with people I both know and don’t. Never thought I’d feel more comfortable with the new guys. I admit– I like them better than the ones I’ve always been with.

They’re a fun bunch. I thought having lunch with them was suicide, since I am bitterly socially awkward. There was this girl, Rome, who offered me cake so roughly she accused me of being shy just because I was being polite. Another, a quiet, cute, I-forgot-her-name girl, was just as wonderful. She was joking around with rowdy Rome in her own reserved way. I think I like her. But how can I say so, when I keep staring at her nameplate and still cannot recall her name. There was one other girl, too. She was kind of weird, but we had some nice chats here and there.

And a guy named John. He was a fun guy. Had the smarts, too. When our instructor went out for a break, he lead the topic about the laughable things our teachers do and are guilty of. We were laughing at our own pace, and yet no one was getting left behind from the conversation. This is one of the best things I’ve been through with strangers. This is even better compared to the shitty things I have to go through every day with my own colleagues. Never thought the world would contain interesting people within my reach.

I went home, tired but satisfied. Somehow, I’m thankful to my teacher who bestowed this penalty. It was a wonderful opportunity of sorts.

I was awaiting Luther’s SMS. It was his birthday, and he thought about spending the last part of it with me. Guess we were both tired. He texted late at night and apologized because he overslept and decided to have coffee at StarMart. Which was fine with me– I could barely keep my eyes open while watching House, waiting for that bastard.

Well of course I was angry. Sort of. I was thinking about bringing him somewhere and play pool for the heck of it, with a couple bottles of beer or perhaps chocolate soy milk. I was excited because I begged myself to be so I won’t ruin his night. Maybe that is what is wrong with me; I keep trying to pretend for the sake of other people. Those strangers made me feel welcome despite being my old, miserable self. I have learned something grand.

Right now, I’m laying on my stomach waiting for One Piece to load. I need my happy pill. Mom just irritated me earlier today, complaining that it’s too quiet in our building because most of the students are out. She was making enough noise to compensate. I like the silence. So, back in my room I go. I need exercise, jeez.

I never got to eat cake yesterday. I wish I took Rome’s offer. Maybe Rome’s cake was already a sign. 
Why am I being superstitious about cake.

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October 29, 2012

Cake is nice, I’m not really into sweets but I have been known to enjoy a sensual Flourless cake topped with chocolate velvet. It’s so rich that one thin slice will make your taste buds spasm. Ice box cake is also a favorite of mine. ^_^