Chocolate Chunk….


So, Marco is out…

Nobody stands me up and gets a second chance, those days are over.

Now there is Chocolate Chunk, now to be known as CC.

He’s gorgeous.

Moving on.

I was telling myate about my poor choice of men thus far and she deducted this:

“You’re going to wither be pregnant or have a baby within 2 years…”

I crapped my pants….

no kidding…

She’s never wrong with this kind of thing…

now OK, I had unprotected once, it won’t happen again.

Eeeek. Guess who’s gonna be on top of her Birth Control whilst boys are around? The world is not ready for to procreate yet, it’s really really really really not ready….yet.

But anyways…I think I will have to have a date with CC upon my return to the UK. It would be rude not to really wouldn’t it.






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June 4, 2010

Where are you headed for vacay?