There Is A Time To Do Nothing…

I’ve noticed that the young ones (those younger than me) have adopted ways that keep people under their thumb. 

For example my nephews at both Oral Roberts & Blinn move in manner where they manipulate my family. The issue for is that it doorways with disrespect. (My nephew who ‘no facts’ me saying that MJ & Biggie were missed, and later that day he slighted me on Zoom.) It’s been interesting that since that day, we have n’t spoken. It was no surprise that when he texted my other nephew to tell me he’s trying to call me.  These little fuckers are broke as af, yet they try to move people around for their benefit as if they are not. (One of my nephews actually has a job. He’s the one who texted me.)

It was cool how I caught myself from having my power taken from someone who is fr under the thumb of others(if it aint that way he’ll hop on the horn and say it). It does n’t mean that we all can’t submit. There are always moments when humility is indeed the key to it all. Still, when people you know are not truly aware of themselves try to shun, belittle, or just move you around, just be strong and stay in you…

You have plenty of cool stuff going on, and there’s a lot you need to do for you. (My nephew either knows or will know real soon not to f*** with me. Not because of anything wrong or bad for me, but because he’s really just trying to shine ‘like those who have inspired  him’. Funny thing is that I’ve told him that. He just did n’t really listen. Quite common of the blind inner eye types…)

Oh yeah, great day and night (and day after). The sex @ 2:00 am did not hinder my wealth/money making successes, power, and just feeling good about myself in confidence. 



(Oh yeah, I get another cart with no problems, strains, or losses, and I can keep the extra 40)

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