So… seems I have a new friend.  His name is Barney and he’s become very annoying.  He has been hanging around for along time but he never made his presense really known until about 2 weeks ago…

About 1 AM in the morning I awoke with such a pain in my stomach I thought I would die!!  after about 3 – 4 hours of worse pain then labor and feeling very nauseaus I decided to drive myself to the emergency room.  That lasted all of 2 blocks.  Sweating and clammy I truged into my home and woke up the hubby.  Alas… the hubby had the duty of driving miles to an emergency room that would take me (Damn Kaiser!) it was either Escondido or Zion.  Well, I’m not ready for Heaven yet so I’ll travel to Escondido!

Ahhh… sweet IV dripping the pain killers into my veins.

iv.jpg iv picture by marquez-alonso


3 hours and an ultrasound later I was told about ‘Barney’ the friend that lives inside me.  Barney is a gallstone the size of a very large marble (an agee for those that know what that is 😉 

Evidently ‘Barney’ did NOT like the pizza I’d had for dinner the night before.

So now… I wait… wait for an opening when the surgeon (very handsome I might add 😉 can chop Barney out of me…

barney.jpg barney picture by hockeysniper16


until I get that phone call I’m trying to keep Barney happy buy eating all those lovely foods that have no fat what so ever!  Now that! is another story alltogether!

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February 1, 2008

yuck! I know how you feel. I’m getting my gallbladder taken out on Monday because I have a 2.5 cm stone in the neck of my gallbladder. The pain is UNREAL, but the painkillers are heaven.