Lives We Touch…

     You work full time, come home to pick up after the kids, cook dinner for everyone, help with homework only to find that by 10pm you’re sill in your scrubs.  You fall asleep sitting up in the lounge chair you sat down in for a moment.  I usually don’t complain but sometimes I’m just so tired I wonder why?  Why do I do this?

      Well… today I got a nice reminder that when you think that maybe you’re just working your way thru life with no real purpose?  All that you do and for all of your hard work you have touched many others along the way.  Some may be friends, some may be family and some may be strangers. 

      The following letter I received from a client at my former place of business found it’s way to my current place of work…

Hey Misty…

You are one of the best receptionists/veterinary assistants ever.  You have a speciallness about you that made me feel comfortable even when I was so anxious concerning one of my loves in surgery.  You are why I kept with the other vets office.  When I didn’t see you there anymore I quit going there.  They wouldn’t tell me where you were.  So when a friend of mine suggested I use Google search I was filled with hope and my prayers were answered when you came up on the screen and you’re not that far away at La Costa! 

Thank you for staying with working with animals and their people too.  I hope there is room at your Vet’s office for all my loves records because I would like to come over to you.


(name withheld for privacy)

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November 8, 2007

that is the best thing I can think of to keep working in these silly circles we do. I hope the bread I make every day makes some-ones day so much better. And its usually the little things we do that matter the most…

So Very Cool…:D

Yep…… and they sometimes think that money is what keeps us on the job………..

December 9, 2007

how sweet