A New Beginning / Recap of events / Decertify Georgia

A New Beginning [Video]

I forgot my path
And found the death trap
I want to create a new society
The vision hides in prophecies and dreams
I want to go away from
The Serpent’s seed
And heal the knowledge of duality

The future I saw
Was bright
It wasn’t hidden in the night
And now
I cannot see anything
Except grey shadows
That slowly echo in time
Re-writing the rhythm and rhyme
So the audience can see
The reflection they hate
Because they use many mirrors
To hide their fate

Can you not see
That this world is not real?
Do you not see
The charade that is played?
Satan pulls your strings
Call your sins in
For Karmic debts
Until you understand
That this place
Is an insignificant reality

How much
Was the price of birth
And was it worth
Selling your soul
Right then
You should’ve understood
That you aren’t in control
Shut up
Back up and read again
To find the reason
I seek a new plan


Recap of events

Aug 2019

I talk about World War III
Triangle Alliance

More about the war and confusion

The Great Deception
The Great Uniter


The poem at the end of this thread means that even my poems have given clues to the present time (February 6, 2019).

Remember, I am just a character in a play (author) (sic). Everything I do is for my novel. Don’t believe everything I say.

You gotta understand my bs, and comprehend my cipher


Decertify Georgia

GA State Senator Brandon Beach – Decertify Election And Park Electors In GA

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