Black Rose Red


Take a look at the world
And tell me
You like what you see
It’s a lost cause
When everyone remains fallen
And hopeless
I speak
And my words just become air
Flying up high
Because I disturb your mind

Doesn’t have to mean death
There can be love if you choose
Instead of letting the fools
Channel your hate
Until love sedates
And you wake up
Screaming Evil’s name

Why don’t you
Understand the JOKE
Become the wise
And play the FOOL’S mind
Commit Jungian suicide
So the Self is reborn Divine
The black rose turns red
The light opens your new eye
And take your place
So you can create the new design

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October 3, 2020

Have you ever gotten a black rose?

October 3, 2020


No, I have not.