Finding Sol

Finding Sol

I’m trying to find
The perfect frequency
So the pain can form tears
That slide out of my eyes
I’ve carried this weight
For far too long
And I’m trying to let go
Of all the years I missed
For I punish myself
For the deeds of someone else

I’ve spent so much time alone
In the horror of my mind
I’m too dark
To see light
Society shuns me onsite
I bleed for free
It’s the only way
To tell you
The secrets I hate

When I write
The words
And free my soul
You don’t have control
I feel alive
Breathing life
Back into me

I’ve found Sol
And I want to be
The Lux
Guiding you to Hermes
Mercury will open the door
Providing the Philosopher’s Stone
Gold will shine
Its light
As your soul
Alchemically ignites
Bleeding the prism
Reflecting your true self
As you shed all the isms
And free yourself from prison

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