I couldn’t see

I couldn’t see

I’ve lost
My heart and soul
As I travel through time
I’ve been through pain
That brought me
To my knees
I thought you
Abandoned me
What took you
So long to see

You sent
Me to hell
So that I could see
The corruption and distortion
Bound to me
You took it away
I lost everything
I was a sinful disgrace
My reflection
I couldn’t see
Unspoken pain
Silenced me

I passed out
Picking scabs
And scarring my skin
With the knife in my hand
I was the problem
Living this nightmare
In my head
I woke up
Drenched in cold sweat
I screamed out loud
I believed
You didn’t hear my sounds
I’m bleeding
And cannot be found

I thought you left me
But you were
Trying to get me to see
The darkness surrounding me
And you gave me light to see
My soul entered me
Compassion opened my eyes
I do not know
Why you chose me
To deliver messages
And you will shake
The Earth
Through my words
Everyone will see
The Truth and Heart
Of their soul

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