I no longer support the Republican Party, I support Texit

I support Texit

America has ended. I no longer support the Republican Party. I do support a New Country with new values since the values of America have been sold. I support the Republic of Texas. I will participate only in state and local elections until the goal manifests.

Tomorrow, I will make a YouTube video about my thoughts on the subject.

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6 days ago

Ummm ok lol

6 days ago

It’s always good to be different…..

here we have something called the Green party and people vote for them when the others have nothing to offer.

5 days ago


Nope, Biden will destroy America financially. Our representatives went against people’s wishes. America does not exist. The country is not a Constitutional Republic.

6 days ago

After Trump won in 2016 there was a big Calexit movement in California. Well not that big, but not invisible. I definitely felt the appeal at the time because I couldn’t believe Trump had somehow won the presidency. I too was thinking, well if that’s the way it is, maybe the country needs to get a divorce. Anyhow, Calexit turned out to be this astroturf effort by a group started in Russia to help break up the U.S. I suspect that Texit is more of the same. You might want to research. If you’ve not seen it, and you strike me as a politically minded person, you might want to watch two documentaries by Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self and Hypernormalization. They’re both long and difficult but presented from something like a libertarian perspective? I guess? Curtis’ politics are a mystery to me but his narrative skills are amazing.

5 days ago


California is corrupt and owned by China. Russia and China are allies, so that does not surprise me. Texit has existed since 2005, and the reason that we are leaving the country is that it is not a Constitutional Republic; America has become a despotic governement.

6 days ago

You do you! I will support your support of Texit!

5 days ago