My Intoxicating Dream

Requiem rhapsody of an evanescent tragic life
Explored and extracted from the soul
To experience multiple views
Memories of potential dreams
Fractioned off and destroyed
One by one
As times goes on

My soul is vacant
With a fiery passion
Building inside
What is and unknown
As I bleed away
Barbaric apathy
Trying to understand
The projected empathy of my tears
For I struggle and become confused
As my eyes taste the horrible fate
Of becoming blind
Succumbing to everything the shadows hide

I’m cursed by the Moon
A protégé of the Sun
Plagued with a darkened disease
Surfacing at night
When the stars fear
The cold terror
Traveling through my veins
Freezing myself
Before I decay

I am just
A grain of sand
In this play
And I haven’t even
Took the stage
For my thoughts become speechless
My words were rejected
My immunity is down
By a virus that speaks no sound

The wind has fallen victim
To a coma of silence
The Sun and Moon
Adhere together to metamorphosis
Into the Midnight Sun
An uncanny illusion formed
With one thought
It’s all a joke
And a piece of art
As I am plagued with a new disease
That created this intoxicating dream

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