Preparing for Death

The darkness and void
Drain the stars of its light
I’m traveling
In a cold dark forest
Without the guidance
Of the heavens
I become lost and confused
Waiting to be reused

An ignoramus society
Programmed the masses
To believe in death and deception
Drinking the wine of hate
Let red absorb in your veins
Plugged in to download
The new version of suicide
As the lies rot my mind

Destiny is hidden
From my eyes
The past
Deleted from my mind
The present is now
Trying to unite
The Sun and Moon
For answers I need
To conceive
But the journey ends in death
And I’m afraid
Of what comes next

I don’t have an apologia
For I’m just a doyen poet
Outlining and tracing the heavens
Meshing words
Trying to find the meaning
Of this complex reality
And I keep killing myself
Recreating the scene
In which I breed
The new version of me

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November 28, 2019

Question?  What if you see the bright light as you are travelling through?

November 28, 2019


If you want to reincarnate into this life then you go through it and if you want to escape coming back to hell then you go away from it.