She’s trapped in a masochistic dream

She’s trapped in a masochistic dream

I watched her
Diamond eyes
Take in and absorb the light
The prism divided time
As I witnessed
A kaleidoscope of lives
And her soul
Feels empty and fake

Her story is more
Than being trapped
In the hourglass
For most of the time
Her soul vacations
Away from the Earth
In peace
And bound to come back
To the chaotic drama
That seeks to tear you
To pieces

If only
She could realize
She is the artist in the sky
Creating circles
That give birth
To the perception
That we all see
Categorizing it satirically

This masochistic dimension
We find ourselves in
Preys on FEAR
Be careful of your thoughts
The wind is everywhere
Strength is in the mind
Liberate yourself from the madness
Because once your Ego
Is trapped in the screen
You won’t get out of this dream
And now hell is your wishing well
Inside this magic spell

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