Space Orgies

Space Orgies [Video]

Space Orgies

Hello aliens and elitist
Why do you use
To control my thoughts
My brain is hooked up
And I believe
You gave me too many microdots

As LSD melts
My brain
I don’t care
If you call me crazy
The world is fucked up
You’re a misogynist
If you don’t
Fuck a woman
With a penis
You’re a weirdo
If you don’t believe
In alien abduction orgies
Living a lie
Dyed in time

I must be insane
Because I don’t support
Clowns waving their penis
In parades
Holding a fake rainbow flag
To worship Satan
And everyone thinks
This is okay

We live
In a made-up world
And everyone
Is on vacation
Coloring their imagination
With silver tongues
Worshipping golden assholes
A mythology
That left you
With only bonus holes and death shots
As you wait to clot

The CIA, FBI, and NSA
Fuck each other
While spying on you masturbating
And Winnie the Pooh
Is starting World War 3
To rob the honey of Western Civilization
While lizard people
Seed a new creation

I tried to tell you all
When I said I knew the future
God placed this in my hands
And you continued laughing
Blocked me
Because of my Jester hat
And French laugh
So many are stupid
Because they are too literal
To understand artistic creation

But it’s okay
The aliens picked me up today
To drain my semen
For a new future
Where someone
Might listen
Instead of believing
A fabricated story
Echoing lies
Until you die

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