The Story of Our Love

The Story of Our Love

She fills my mind
With fire and ice
While we lay outside
Looking up at the sky
The stars blink and gleam
The Moon reveals its face
My breath maintains the pace
And I can feel
Her heart wants to race

Time is in
Our hands
Before we become
Whispers in the wind
Rose die
And our last memory
Fades into the void
An echo in time

The passion hides
In her eyes
Takes the shape
Of her disguise
The voice she hides
Riddles everyone’s lies
Trapped inside
The dimension of space and time

I’ve traversed the stars
Just to find you
I’ve danced with
The Sun and Moon
Lived through so many
Past lives
And here we are tonight
At this moment in time
As the chemicals
Are trapped in our hair
So one day
Someone can trace
Our dead hairs
To reveal
The story of our love
And the kiss
That created bliss

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