This is such a pretty color. Orange is my favorite color because I believe some sort of spirit guide or ancestor of mine is orange and they are watching over me. When I nearly drowned to death I saw this orange orb and I reached out and it turned into a body and hugged me, then released me back into my body, where I woke up on land. A marine saved me, I was at this crazy party drunk off my ass. It’s probably the most spiritual thing iv’e ever been through. I pray to that thing because I don’t know what else to believe in. 

Clarence is awake, but he’s not crying. yet. I decided to come sit next to him while I type so he doesn’t start. Most of the time my company is all he needs. He’s my sweet boy. Right when I finished typing that out he screamed in my ear so im gonna have to go hahaha bye!



Still no sprouts in my little garden area. Good news is I finally got into WIC and I can pick up my card Wednesday. This could help alot with our finances. With food stamps added we could probably afford some clothes finally. It’s been a long time since I went clothes shopping. I only have a hand full of outfits along with some dresses. I really need shorts living in this Florida heat. 



Tomorrow will be my first day job hunting. Right now I feel pretty chill about it but If I think about it too hard my heart starts to speed up. I just hope I can find a job where I could make friends and enough money at the same time. I really want to buy this color pencil set for 8 bucks but we don’t even have that. Even if we did I don’t even know if I’d get them because I would feel selfish for not saving it for gas money or Clarence’s food or something. This is an unpopular opinion but food and water should be free to everyone. I don’t think anyone deserves to starve. Its sick that people pay just to eat and shit and drive to work. Life becomes meaningless. Sorry just got dark there hehe.. anyways. I hope tomorrow goes well. I hope I don’t have a break down while looking for jobs.

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