A letter to a loved one


It’s that crucial moment in your life when you ‘wake up’ so to speak.
whether it’s finding someone to say "I love you" to before bed every night before you fall asleep, or maybe it’s crossing one last thing off your to do list before turning off the light at night. One can never be to sure, but then it hits you.

The moment crashes down upon you with such force and vigor that you stand immobile for all of a minute unprepared for its weight and pressure. You’re so unprepared that it gives you a sinking feeling that rides your stomach, and numbness seeps into your brain.
You stop. You wonder. You begin to feel.

Not all people feel as we do. We are special individuals, created for a higher purpose in life. At least that’s what I believe anyways. I know it may not be true but for that split second that I put all my belief behind it, it becomes that much closer. Maybe even some fantasies are worth believing in. Prince or no prince,every fairytale has a little magic, most of which just takes having a little faith.

Should we ever come to terms with what this is that we have, we should probably re-name it. Too many people use the word love as if it means something, and in most cases that are horribly wrong. If said at the wrong time, the wrong way, it’s not a word but a condemnation of what the word is supposed to mean. Too many people use it to mean things that are pointless, ugly, and callous. We need to rename it. I don’t know what, something.

A word that means ‘change of life’, or ‘ mending of broken pieces’ would probably be suffciant in saying all that needs to be said here. – It brought you from a screwd up relationship into something better and put me on a new path to taking down the walls that i’ve put up for a very long time.

See what I mean about a lttle faith, it goes a long way. All it took was a little faith to break the ice between a young woman with walls around her heart, and a young man who never knew the beauty of a girl who danced to a differnt beat. Different is nice, but it doesn’t need to have any comparisson to pretty. Different is beautiful for other reasons.

Girls are never easy to understand. It’s just the way things are. There has never been an explanation to this reasoning, so i won’t even try. Just know that I may appear cool and casual, but deep down i’m misunderstood and nervous and anxious just like you. Knowing this, I hope it empowers you in the belief that you can and should be a little anxious and nervous but it should not stop you from being yourself around me.

Think of us as pals, friends, bro’s, or whatever it is you call the people closest to you. There shouldn’t be a wall between us. Tell me how you feel. Speak your mind, and you shall be rewarded with the unyeilding faith I have shown to you. I worry that my energy is putting a damper on yours and that you are not the same around me.

maybe I worry about things that are not for me to worry upon.

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